When it's time to rest and recharge, there's the WATCHRESTâ„¢.

WATCHREST Apple Watch charging dock

The WATCHREST is an elegant solution for charging your Apple Watch in Nightstand mode*. It has the same design aesthetic and premium quality as the WATCHTOWER, precisely CNC machined from solid aluminum billets and anodized in sparkly Silver or brilliant Black. The gorgeous finish is complimented by matching high performance Polymer Inserts. The Insert holds the charging magnet snugly yet can still be removed with only thumb pressure. Finally, the hidden cable comes out straight back for ambidextrous use.


The WATCHREST provides a very important design element - a little bench for the Apple Watch to sit on. This is a key feature which provides a stable base for the Watch for when you're groggily trying to press the snooze - you won't knock the Watch off the charger. The design also angles the Watch about 10 degrees back for better viewing and easier mounting.

WATCHREST Apple Watch charging by 10Design, LLC


The bench surface where the Watch sits has a thin foam cushion so your Watch doesn't come into contact with the aluminum of the WATCHREST. Also, because this becomes part of your furniture, we don't feel the need to stamp our logos where they can be seen. You've already bought our product, we don't need to advertise to you all day long inside your home or office.

WATCHREST Apple Watch charging dock by 10Design, LLC

Firm Grasp

On the bottom of the WATCHREST is a thin micro-suction rubber base which firmly holds on to nearly any clean smooth surface. In fact, you'll probably be surprised as to how strong the grip is on smooth furniture and especially glass, we were. This keeps the WATCHREST planted where you want it while allowing for removal without any adhesive residue. Move and reuse many times, the micro-suction material keeps providing strong hold as long as it stays clean.




  • Weight: 3.2 oz
  • Height: 2.10 inches
  • Width: 2.10 inches (dia)
  • Display Angle: 10 deg 
  • Metal: 6061 Aluminum
  • Micro-suction base
  • Foam padding for Watch
  • Made in USA

WATCHREST does not include the Apple Watch or the Magnetic Charging Cable. Works with the Apple Magnetic Charger only.

*Nightstand mode is an advertised feature of watchOS 2. 10Design, LLC. is not responsible for the performance, compatibility, or availability of this Apple software feature.