Apple Watch charging stand WATCHTOWER 6


An Apple Watch charging stand - The WATCHTOWER is designed to stand in harmony with your Apple Watch. The Apple Watch looks like no average wristwatch - it deserves a stand which looks like no average charging stand. Works with Series 1-3.

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 1

Get Elevated

An elevated and angled support raises your Watch 4.25 inches with a 45° angle for easy viewing. An ample band cutout over 1 inch wide allows for easy placement of the band, open or closed, with one handed mounting and removal.    

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 2

Solid Space

Rather than use lightweight casting or formed sheet-metal, we carved the WATCHTOWER from a solid billet of aircraft quality aluminum with hulking machines - much like the Apple Watch itself. Weighing close to 1 pound, with a heavy base, it remains stable with a low center of gravity while saving space with a small overall footprint.

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 3

Fit and Finish

A high performance polymer allows easy insertion and removal of the charging magnet. Line up the cable with the insert groove and press all the way down. The polymer holds the magnet securely, but allows for easy removal with just your thumb. Simply pressing on it from behind pops it out. The fitment also raises the charging magnet slightly away from the aluminum of the stand so your Watch and the WATCHTOWER don't come into contact.

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 4

In the Groove

Your Apple Watch Magnetic charging cable sits fully recessed in a smart groove that holds it in place without the need for additional components or tools. Start with the charging magnet making sure it's fitted into the polymer insert. Then, just use your finger tips to follow the groove from the top and press the cable into the groove until you feel it pop into place. To remove, gently pull out starting at the bottom.

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 5

Day or Night

Two gorgeous anodized finishes only rivaled by the Apple Watch itself come in Silver and Slate. Silver has the exquisite shine of the silver Watch Sport and Slate is easier to say than "luxuriously lustrous grey".

Apple Watch charging stand watchtower 6



  • Weight: 0.8 pounds

  • Height: 4.8 inches

  • Width: 2 inches (dia)

  • Display Angle: 45 deg

  • Metal: 6061 Aluminum

  • Made in USA

WATCHTOWER does not include the Apple Watch or the Magnetic Charging Cable. Slate may appear slightly darker or lighter depending on your use location's lighting conditions. Works with the Apple Magnetic Charger for series 1, 2, or 3 only.